China (+/- 800)
Japan (+/- 200)
India (+/- 80)
Thailand (+/- 10)
Indonesia (+/- 5)
Korea (+/- 25)
Taiwan (+/- 6)
Vietnam (+/- 6)
Myanmar (+/- 2)
Cambodia (1)

Steering Committee:

Denis Gastin: wine writer
Visooth Lohitnavy: Granmonte, Thailand
I.B. Rai Budarsa: Hatten Wines, Indonesia (Bali)
Cecilia Oldne: Sula Vineyards, India
Katsuhisa Fujino: Mercian Wines, Japan
Jim Sun: China Wine online

The AWPA is an alliance of Asian wine producers, whom from vine to wine represent the new Asian wines. Created in Hong Kong during the 2013 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair , the association starts its activities in 2014 reuniting some of Asia’s top wineries.

AWPA 2016 Board and Chairman
Updated: November 2015

Sumedh Mandla, Managing Director – Grover Zampa Vineyards – India

Board members:
Visooth Lohitnavy, Owner – GranMonte Vineyard and Winery – Thailand
IB Rai Budarsa, Owner – Hatten Wines – Bali/Indonesia
Katsuhisa Fujino, Winemaker – Château Mercian – Japan
Cecilia Oldne, Global Brand Ambassador – Sula Vineyards – India

A word from the Chairman:


Dear Friends and Wine lovers across the globe,

It is a great honor to be elected as the Chairman of Asian Wine Producers Association (AWPA) for its 2nd term. AWPA was formed in 2014 by a group of like-minded and passionate wine producers from the Asian wine regions. Even though the story of wine making in this region is fairly new but many producers in the region are fast catching the attention of wine critics and wine lovers across the globe. The association is at its nascent stage but I envisage this association to grow in its stature and field of work to provide a platform that will facilitate idea exchange, quality improvement, joint tourism activation (Considering Asia is the hub for tourism and known for its rich cultural heritage) and joint marketing promotions to build the association and the associated brands at global platform.

Thanks to the technology and availability of wine know how, most of these wine regions have already made rapid progress in last decade and have given some world class wines to the consumers in their respective markets as well as in the International market. Thus a forum like AWPA can further act as catalyst to promote this region and its producers at the international platform. Most of the Asian countries are also known for its rich cuisine that is further rising in its stature and popularity in various parts of the world. Wine and Food go hand in hand. Thus we have a unique proposition and opportunity to promote our wines with our rich cuisine whether India, Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese.

The recently concluded International Wine & Spirits Fair 2015 at Hong Kong was a testimony to the growing quality and awareness of wines from these regions. Several members also participated in Cathay Pacific International Wine & Spirits Challenge 2015 organized before the fair and won numerous awards. What was most encouraging was to see that several serious producers (most of which are already part of this forum) were awarded; Grover Zampa Vineyards and Sula from India, Granmonte and Silverlake from Thailand, Hatten Wines from Indonesia and Chateau Mercian from Japan. As an avid wine lover, this brings a great satisfaction to me. I have always come across several mentions from Wine Gurus of the world that being a Tropical climate zone across most of Asia, it is not a conducive wine growing region. But producers in this region with their sheer passion, persistence and hard work have proved most of these critics wrong. In the coming decade, we can expect further growth in the quality of wines in this region.

I do foresee that Sun Will Shine on Asian Wine producers in the coming years and hope that AWPA will get to play a pivotal role under the vision with which it has been established. Wishing all members of AWPA and wine lovers across the world a Happy and Prosperous year ahead.

à Votre Santé

Sumedh Mandla, CEO Grover Zampa Vineyards – India