China (+/- 800)
Japan (+/- 250)
India (+/- 80)
Thailand (+/- 10)
Indonesia (+/- 9)
Korea (+/- 25)
Taiwan (+/- 6)
Vietnam (+/- 20)
Myanmar (+/- 2)
Cambodia (+/- 2)

Steering Committee:

Denis Gastin: wine writer
Visooth Lohitnavy: Granmonte, Thailand
I.B. Rai Budarsa: Hatten Wines, Indonesia (Bali)
Katsuhisa Fujino: Mercian Wines, Japan

The AWPA is an alliance of Asian wine producers whom represent the new Asian wines, from vine to wine. Created in Hong Kong during the 2013 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair , the Association started its activities in 2014 reuniting some of Asia’s top wineries.

AWPA 2017 Board and Chairman
Updated: November 2017

IB Rai Budarsa, Owner – Hatten Wines – Bali/Indonesia

Operation Manager: Denis Gastin – Wine Writter
Finance: Visooth Lohitnavy – Owner – GranMonte Vineyard and Winery – Thailand
:  Nikki Lohitnavy – Winemaker – GranMonte Vineyard and Winery – Thailand
:  Sumit Jaiswal – Head – Marketing | Grover Zampa Vineyards Ltd.
: Kertawidyawati, Corporate Training & Development Manager – Hatten Wines – Bali/Indonesia

A word from the Chairman:

Dear Friends and Wine lovers across the globe,

Now on its fourth year, the Asian Wine Producers Association (AWPA) has come a long way in
highlighting Asian wine artistry to the worldwide market. It is both an honor and pleasure to be
elected as chairman of the association, as wine making has become an integral part of tradition and
culture of producers and consumers all over Asia.

Wine has always been regarded as historical in nature—it tells the story of the roots, the land where
the grapes are grown, the climate, the environment, and the people who were involved in producing
each and every bottle. We continue to tell that story, where in each Asian country, one will find
something different and unique. Asian wine producers continue to build the region’s wine history, as
we bring technology, innovation, creativity and a lot of persistence in the challenges of growing
grapes and making wine in Asia.

As a more sophisticated market continues to develop in Asia, it will not be long before wines from
this region to have an international class of its own. AWPA, its mission and what it stands for,
traverses from its distinct market across the seas and all over the globe, where highly-regarded wine
critics have ranked Asian wines to be of international standards.

AWPA continues to be a conduit of wine making ideas, increasing awareness of Asian wine and at
the same time, inspiring our stakeholders to patronize and support regional wines. Recognizing the
fast-growing economies of Asian countries, so has the knowledge and sophistication of wine-making
has grown tenfold, and there is no other way to move but forward.

Although in its infancy stage, wine producers relentlessly evolve, producing better and
commendable wines. Asian wine forums are also persistent in bringing attention to regional wines,
and the world is turning its attention in the Eastern world wines. The next step to realize is to see
Asian wines outside of its borders.

We have come a long way in realizing our vision, and with all members and stakeholders on board,
together we stride into a positive future, and a fruitful year ahead.

I invite you to raise your wine glass, and toast to the success of Asian wines.

Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa – CEO and Founder of Hatten Wines, Bali Indonesia