This was the 6th time that this Fair and related events have been held in Daejeon, South Korea.  It is gathering more local and international support each year.

As in previous years, the AWPA Booth was in the TRADE Zone of the Exhibition Centre.  On day one and day two, access to this Zone is not allowed for the general public.  That obviously limits the total number of visitors to the booth on those days, but virtually all of the visitors on these two days were either buyers, exhibitors, media, academics or representatives of industry institutions or industry organisations.  On the third day, most of the visitors were general public.

This year we had two Booth spaces, joined together under the AWPA banner.  One half of the Booth space, managed by Visooth and Sakuna Lohitnavy, was devoted to the wines of member wineries from Thailand – GranMonte, Village Farm, Moonlight Valley and Silverlake.  The other half of the Booth space, managed by the Hatten team, was devoted to wines from Indonesia (Hatten) and India (York and Grover).  Denis Gastin was assisting at both side of the booth.

We kept records of visitors to the Booth over the three days of the Fair – as accurately as possible, given the very busy environment.  We recorded a total of 546 visitors on the first two days:

  • Day 1: 117 visitors
  • Day 2: 356 visitors

Of the total visitors, just under 100 were international visitors – either exhibitors, buyers, media, academics or representative of industry bodies.

The majority of the local visitors were general tasters, though a good proportion were very well informed tasters using the event to extend their knowledge of the global wine industry and their practical understanding of wines from different producers in different geographic locations.  A frequent question from these better informed visitors to the stand, after tasting wines that they particularly liked, was “where can I buy these wines?”  It is a good indication of the potential market for our member’s wines in Korea.


Following our very well received presentation of the concept of Asian wine and the tasting of member’s wines at the Fair last year, we were asked to do a Master Class again this year.

Denis Gastin started the one and a half hour session with an overview of the history and geography of wine production in Asia.  This was followed by a presentation of six Korean wines made from the unique local hybrid variety, Cheongsoo, by leading local sommelier, Mr Jeongwook Choi.  One of the wines presented was made by our Korean member, Grand Coteau.

Then Prof. Miyuki Katori, of Japan’s Shinshu University, and Mr Katsuhisa Fujino, of Chateau Mercian Wines, gave an overview of the Japanese wine industry and then presented Chateau Mercian wines made from two unique Japanese varieties – Muscat Bailey A and Koshu.

The final segment of the Master Class was an overview of wine production in Thailand and Bali (Indonesia) presented by Denis Gastin.  To further make the point about unique grape growing and wine making traditions in Asia we then presented two more unique wines for tasting: GranMonte’s Durif and Hatten’s Tunjung (traditional méthode champenoise) Brut Sparkling, made from the Indonesian Probolinggo Biru variety.  This wine was introduced by Hatten’s founder, Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa.

An indication of growing interest wines of Asia is the fact that all seats in the venue were occupied – 45 places – including a number of high-profile personalities in the industry locally and globally.



This year was the 6TH Asia Wine Trophy Competition – with 131 Jurors, from 25 countries, judging 4,086 wines, over 4 days.  Again this year there was a very strong showing by AWPA member wineries.  Denis Gastin and Katsuhisa Fujino were judging again, as in previous years.

One again, there was an outstanding performance by AWPA members.

  • Hatten Wines was awarded one of the 29 Top Gold Medals – for its Pinot Bali dessert wine. Hatten also won a gold medal for its Alexandria white wine.
  • GranMonte won 4 Gold medals and one Silver medal:
    • Gold for both the 2014 and the 2015 Asoke Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah, as well as for the 2015 The Orient Syrah and the 2015 Heritage Syrah
    • Silver for 2016 Heritage Syrah
  • Grand Coteau won a silver medal for its 2017 Cheongsoo white wine.