It was another big year for the Asian Wine Producers Association (AWPA) and considerable progress has been made to increase communication between members through the marketing and technical channels, as well as getting our message out to the international wine community through media releases, through our participation in trade events and via ongoing communication with major identities in the industry globally.

We had a meeting of the executive and members in Hong Kong in November, during the Wine & Spirits Fair, at which a number of new initiatives were decided on for implementation in 2017. Further details follow in this newsletter.

Considerable effort has been made to expand our membership base – with the aim of increasing both the number of wineries and the countries in which member wineries are located. Next year we will have at least three additional members – two from Japan and one from Korea. Discussions are continuing with potential members from China and Vietnam.

The AWPA was represented at two major events in 2016 – the International Wine & Spirits Fair, at Daejeon, South Korea (October), and the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Trade Fair (November).

The first collective presence by AWPA members in trade fairs in 2017 will be on the AWPA booth at ProWein, Dusseldorf, Germany, in March, and this will be our first collective appearance in Europe. Other events will be planned during the year.




More than 100,000 people visited the Daejeon Wine & Spirits Fair, over the 3 days it was open, and an estimated 40,000 of them were trade visitors. This year we were only able to run the AWPA booth for two days, as we completely ran out of wine by the end of Day 2, because we had so many visitors to the booth.

In total, we had 575 visitors to the booth over 2 days. A significant number of international winemakers and exhibitors kept coming to the stand to taste the wines and noting that they were directed there by other winemakers or buyers who had visited the stand (this year or last year) and many said they were both surprised to discover that there was such a thing as Asian wine and then elevated surprise when they could see what high-quality is being achieved.

Many visitors to the booth were asking questions about visiting the member wineries, reflecting the importance of wine tourism for member wineries and national industry organisations.

We will present more information for potential travellers if we participate again next year



Visitors to the WPA Booth in Hong Kong this year were an even greater number than the previous year Significantly, also, many of the visitors had come to the booth specifically committed to under-standing more about what is being achieved in the industry in Asia; they tended to spend a lot of time at the booth tasting wines and talking to winery representative, rather than just passing visits. Many of them visited the booth several times and, after the first visit, were bringing friends and colleagues along to share their experience.

This is indicative of both rising interest in Asian wines and satisfaction with the experience in tasting and talking about the wines.

The Fair also provided us with the opportunity for our annual general meeting at which our activities through the year were reviewed and activities for 2017 were considered.



The AWPA will make its first appearance as a group in Europe at the next Prowein International Trade Fair — Wine & Spirits 2017, held at the Messe Dusseldorf fair complex, March 1910 10 21st 2017.

Member wineries Grover Zampa Vineyards, GranMonte Vineyard and Winery, Silverlake Vineyards and York Winery will present their wines.

The Association’s stand is located in Hall 9, alongside the stand for USA producers.



The first formal AWPA event for 2017 will be the India Tour. The Indian winery members – Grover/Zampa, Sula and York – are arranging a comprehensive tour of the two core winemaking regions in India — Nashik (Maharashtra State) and Bangalore (Karnataka State).

An important development is that members will be joined on this tour by the Wine Explorers – the France-based team that is having having
of the world to the broader global audience.

Following this, the Wine Explorers will go on to Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.



It is anticipated that we will have an AWPA presence again at the two major Asian wine Fairs in 2017.


Our promotional activities and regular dialogue with key wine media personnel are paying dividends — with an increased level of media coverage, and much more comprehensive reporting in media outlets.

Just in the past two months there have been a number of very comprehensive stories appearing on the AWPA and member wineries in major international wine magazines.

The Wine Assist online journal has a comprehensive report, by Australian wine writer, Dan Traucki, on the AWPA presence in Hong Kong at the Wine & Spirits Fair in November, with a very positive assessment of wines on the booth. This article can be viewed at fair part ii/

Our Chairman, Sumedh Mandla, made a presentation on wine in Asia and the AWPA at the Asian Wine & Spirits Fair and Competition in Beijing, China. Following this, there was a very detailed article in the French language magazine Essentielle Vino. It provides a general overview and detailed profiles on member winer-ies.

This is the first comprehensive report in the French language.

It is significant, too, that Drinks Business magazine has specifically referred to the AWPA in its report on the forthcoming ProWein Exhibition in Dusseldorf, noting that, in the world’s largest trade wine show hosting around 6,300 exhibitors from around 60 nations worldwide, new exhibitors this year will include the Asian Wine Producers Association, adding that it is “an organization formed to promote recognition of both Asian Wines, and also Asia as a respected wine region”.

In March 2017 there will be a comprehensive three-page report in the new German magazine DiVin on the AWPA presence at the International Wine & Spirits Fair in Daejeon, South Korea.


As members are aware we have two dialogue channels to help create and sustain an effective dialogue between members that will strengthen our goals and more effectively share information of value to participating wineries.


GranMonte’s Nikki Lohitnavy is managing the technical dialogue channel whereby we aim to establish a communication platform where oenologists, viticulturists and winemakers can share their experiences and know-how. It is a Facebook workgroup:

The new and exciting regions in Asian wine production offer different climate challenges as well as rewards for wine professionals and wine lovers. There is much to be gained by this sharing of knowledge, and we hope this will be the place for this exchange – be it a full scientific paper or an interesting anecdote. It’s an opportunity to work together and reach out to suppliers, organizations, research institutes, etc.


Grover/Zampa’s Sumit Jaiswal is managing the marketing dialogue channel. The objective of this channel is to share marketing news (about our activities and media work) with other members, as well as to link in people outside our membership network through, principally, data feed to media people who have expressed an interest to become more familiar with Asian wine production and who are conveying information to the broader wine community audience globally.


Our website has seen little cosmetic changes but great content additions. A new section on Wine Tourism now boasts packages to 4 different Asian wine areas (Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and India) to visit. On time for a trendy tourism promotion engine, the wine tourism page has been promoted to a long list of travel agents, and media. Our map has also seen a facelift in 2016, with additional semi-interactive markers on which to click to be redirected to the members’ pages.

The site will be updated with November activities, new member’s information, profiles and photos and this newsletter, in January 2017.


Continuing efforts are being made to broaden our membership base — both the number of wineries, overall, as well as the countries in which our members are based.

We currently have 10 members, from five countries in Asia. Two additional wineries from Japan have already agreed to join in 2017: these are Hokkaido Wines (from Japan’s far-north Hokkaido Prefecture) and Tsuno Wine (from Miyazaki Prefecture on the southem Island of Kyushu). And we proudly welcome Grand Coteau winery, our very first member from South Korea.
Efforts are continuing to secure members from China and Vietnam.